Saturday, August 22, 2015

Last London Blog Post..

Well folks, this is it. The last post about our 2015 London trip. I hope you've enjoyed the pictures, and if you've read all the posts, thank you. We truly had a great time, loved London and the English countryside that we got to travel through, and would go back in a heartbeat. There is still so much I want to see there!

But for now, please enjoy  a few more pictures of Kensington Palace on the day or two after Diana's birthday. We had gone back to the gift shop there to buy souveniers and found the gate outside decorated in memory of her birthday. It's been nearly 17 years since she died, and people still decorate outside Kensington Palace in her honor.

The final pictures are of the flat we stayed in, which was spacious and charming. Our flight home on American airlines was on time and uneventful,arriving an hour early at O'Hare even! My luggage arrived at O'Hare as well (same day, too!).

Thanks again for following my blog!


Street names are found on the side of corner buildings, not on street signs.

Ever hear of a Ford Cougar in America??

Cute garden patio outside our kitchen.

View from kitchen into dining area.

Laundry room straight ahead, front door on right.

Front of our Lexham Garden apt.

Friday, August 21, 2015

He went to Harrod's!

Thursday, July 2nd, Continued...

     In the late afternoon, Dan and I went to Harrod's Very Expensive Department Store to find the memorial to Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed in the basement. Harrods's is huge, and it took us a bit, but with the help of the very nice staff there, we finally found it. There is a guest book to sign, and a beautiful statue of Diana and Dodi dancing. Also on display is a beautiful case that contains photographs of both of them, plus the wine glass that Diana drank from that fateful night with her fingerprints still on it. The controversial ring that Dodi was supposedly going to propose to Diana with that night is also on display.  And no, we didn't buy anything at Harrod's. I might have, but the spouse was with me. LOL!

Enjoy the pictures...!

Busy London street outside Harrod's in Knightsbridge.

Diana and Dodi statue.


Diana, Dodi, her wine glass, fingerprints and "the ring".

I signed the guestbook at the Diana/Dodi memorial in the basement of Harrod's.

The two pictures above are directions painted on nearly every street corner in London. They inform pedestrians which way to look for oncoming traffic. And believe me, they are VERY much needed and appreciated!

Tomorrow's blog: Back to Kensington and pictures of our flat!  

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Look Me in the Eye!

Thursday, July 2nd, Part I..The London Eye and Lunch

Today we went back to central London and rode The Eye. It was raining a bit while getting there and while we rode it, but it cleared in time for us to take a nice walk to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch.

For those of you who know me, you know I am afraid of heights. I never go on Ferris wheels or roller coasters, so it was with great trepidation that I approached "The Eye". Seeing that it seemed to rotate very slowly however, and that I'd be in an enclosed module, and trying to live up to the theme "do what scares you", I ventured onto it!

It was a lovely ride. The Eye moves very slowly, taking about a half hour to complete one turn, and one turn is all you get. The views are lovely (see the pics below) and there's ample room in each module for many people to sit or stand and still get a great view. So don't fear this attraction, although the price might scare you away. LOL.  

View of The Eye from London Bridge

Walking across London Bridge. It was about to start raining.

Bagpiper entertaining the crowds on  London Bridge.

London Bridge view of Big Ben and the House of Parliament
Approaching The Eye

Starting our ascent in The Eye
Big Ben and Westminster Abbey from atop The Eye (I love this shot!)

Can't recall what building that is in the background, sorry.

Another shot of London from The Eve view!

That's Buckingham Palace in the center of the picture.

View of the Thames looking eastward.
That's St. Paul's Cathedral in the center (the domed building.)

Our lunch venue. Tasty yet pricey!

Silly tourist having lunch at American themed eatery.
Stay tuned for Part II of this day when Dan and I went to Harrod's! Yes, Harrods, not Jared's.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I Wanted My Mummy!!!

  Well, I got a bit behind on blogging, so sorry!

  On Wednesday, July 1, we had kind of a low key day. We went to the British Museum, had some ice cream and ate at Strada on  Kensingtion High Street. The British Museum is huge, with lots to see, and we recommend it. Again, skip the Science Museum in favor of the Natural History Museum or the British Museum. (We did not do the Albert and Victoria Museum).

  We also learned today that in London, ice cream cones come with or without "flake". That would be a skinny stick of chocolate stuck into the side of your ice cream!  

    Enjoy the pictures! (Next blog: We go to Herrods!)

The British Museum

Inside the British Museum

Rosetta Stone

The Rosetta Stone, up close and personal

Matthew and The Stone
Tourists in the way of seeing the Rosetta Stone

Dan and Matt at the walls of an old temple.

Another temple wall

Some pottery

The mummy exhibits were very cool!

This guy died due to a stab wound to the shoulder.

More mummies!
Ancient statue found on Easter Island

Ice cream WITHOUT flake!