Saturday, July 11, 2015

It's Only Natural, Part Deux!

Out of all the Whole Food Markets in All the World, We Walked into Hers!

     (Continuing on Friday, June 26th).

     My luggage arrived at the flat at the pre-arranged time and I was only too happy to change into clean clothes.  Feeling human again, we decided to venture up to High Kensington Street and search out the Whole Foods Market because, you know, you just can't find one of those in Madison. LOL. But seriously, we have a friend who likes a certain shampoo line that they only sell in the English Whole Foods and we promised we'd pick her up some product.

Whole Foods on Kensington High St.

     Now, to backtrack a bit, prior to leaving, our friend, AZ, who needed the product sent us a very nice e-mail from a friend of hers, R., who lives in London. R had very sweetly sent us a list of things and places that we might find interesting and fun to do while we were in London. It was a comprehensive list and R. put in time on it, and we were amazed that a complete stranger would do such a nice thing for us.

    So we head to the Whole Foods and found it, and wandered into what we thought (correctly, btw) was the hair product section. As we walked up, a very lovely-in-every way woman asked if she could help us. I said "Yes, I'm looking for.." and proceeded to name the product. She just happened to be standing next to the display and I told her what I needed. She said "Is there anything else?" and I said "No, I am just bringing these back to the states for a friend."

   And she said, "Would it happen to be for AZ?"

   Knock me over dead. I said, "OMG, are you R?" She was! Now, people, really. What are the flipping chances that the only person in London we know, if only through an e-mail, is the person selling you the one product in the one Whole Foods Market that you need?  So, we had the most lovely conversation and were going to take a picture with R. to send back to AZ, but we forgot somehow.

   So that was really amazing and kind of freaky in the best of ways!

   Finishing off the day, we walked back to Earls Court and ate at a really wonderful little Italian restaurant that Matthew picked out. Below are pictures from that.  Stay tuned to tomorrow's blog when we go The Tower of London, one of our favorite places during the entire trip!

Bellavista Italian Restaurant on Earl's Court Rd.

Dan waiting for dinner!

Me, finally in clean clothes; Matthew looking good!


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