Friday, July 10, 2015

Linda's London Adventure: Day Three: It's Only Natural!

     Okay gang, if you're still with me, we're on Day Three in London, Friday June 26th, and thank you for sticking with the blog!

     So today we had to wait for my luggage to arrive, but we also had to wait for British Airways to call and give us a time window for when it would be delivered so we'd be at the flat. But we were anxious to sight-see, and although I had slaved over making a daily itinerary for the trip, you can bet "Sit around and wait for lost luggage" was not on that list. That said, the itinerary had been shot from the get-go by the day-delay in our arrival, so I had to beat back the Monica Gellar (this is a reference to a character on "Friends" for those of you going "Huh?")  in me, and resort to picking an activity from another day which was close to our flat.

     We chose The Natural History Museum which was about a twenty minute walk from the flat. That way, if BA called, we could scurry back to our underground dwelling and await its arrival. Well, BA called before we even left for the museum to let us know that the luggage would come in the afternoon, which gave us enough time to go see the museum and return in time.

     So, off we went.

     Although The Natural History Museum has amazing displays, including a terrific dinosaur exhibit, we were probably, my teenage son included, impressed with the architecture of the building. High ceilings, impressive arches and stained-glass windows in this enormous and stunning building overwhelmed us with its beauty. Add in the marble staircases, the statues and splendor, and it was a sight to behold. (Pictures below do not do it justice!)

     Please stay tuned for Part II of this June 26th post when the excitement of my luggage arriving occurs, and we go out on the town, shopping and to dinner. (No, really, it's way more interesting than it sounds!)  Meanwhile, please enjoy some pics from the Natural History Museum.

Natural History Museum



Dan and Matt and Dino

Raptors in the Rafters

Matt and Linda in front of stained-glass windows.

Capturing the architecture.

Checkout the staircase behind us!

Look close. It's a small dinosaur statue.

Head of a blue whale. Rhino is there for size comparison.

Stairwell and stained-glass windows.

Entry Hallway


Another shot inside.


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