Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Linda's London Adventure: The Eagle Has Landed! (Day 2)

     I rose bright and early, too anxious about the delayed flight to sleep. I looked at the  British Airways website again only to find that this evening's rescheduled flight is now rescheduled AGAIN for the next evening. I was so upset, and shaking so badly, that I had to tell Dan, "You call them this time. I just can't do call them again." Well, long story short, the BA website was wrong (I'm sure we weren't the only angry phone call they got that morning), and Dan was assured that our rescheduled flight for that evening was indeed, still scheduled.

     So, once again, we packed up, and this time actually made it to the bus (thank you Don Z.!) and down to O'Hare in Chicago. With great trepidation we approached the BA ticket counter where a very lovely-in-every-way, woman assured us that yes, we did have a flight that evening, and it was taking off. (Again, may I reiterate that everyone and everything about British Airways is lovely. The staff go out of their way to make sure you're happy and comfortable.) We were also each given a voucher for $20 toward any restaurant at O'Hare that day. (Granted this doesn't come close to the amount of money we lost not  being in staying at our London flat for one night, but it was something.)

     When we boarded the plane and were nearly ready for take-off, the captain came on the overhead  and apologized about the long delay, and finally explained to everyone about the damaged plane back in England (see yesterday's post for more of an explanation). We still believe that the call center should have been able to give this information to us ticket holders, instead of giving us a "weather related" lame excuse. But, water under the London bridge.

     Long flight short,  many hours later, we arrived in London! (Minus one set of luggage, MINE of course, but more on that in Day Three's post! Bet you can't wait.)

     Please enjoy the pictures from Day Two!  (Stay tuned for Day Three!)

Happy to know we have a flight!

We'll be boarding soon!

Outside our London flat. We have the garden apartment below.
Steps and entry way to our flat. We've arrived!       

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