Friday, August 21, 2015

He went to Harrod's!

Thursday, July 2nd, Continued...

     In the late afternoon, Dan and I went to Harrod's Very Expensive Department Store to find the memorial to Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed in the basement. Harrods's is huge, and it took us a bit, but with the help of the very nice staff there, we finally found it. There is a guest book to sign, and a beautiful statue of Diana and Dodi dancing. Also on display is a beautiful case that contains photographs of both of them, plus the wine glass that Diana drank from that fateful night with her fingerprints still on it. The controversial ring that Dodi was supposedly going to propose to Diana with that night is also on display.  And no, we didn't buy anything at Harrod's. I might have, but the spouse was with me. LOL!

Enjoy the pictures...!

Busy London street outside Harrod's in Knightsbridge.

Diana and Dodi statue.


Diana, Dodi, her wine glass, fingerprints and "the ring".

I signed the guestbook at the Diana/Dodi memorial in the basement of Harrod's.

The two pictures above are directions painted on nearly every street corner in London. They inform pedestrians which way to look for oncoming traffic. And believe me, they are VERY much needed and appreciated!

Tomorrow's blog: Back to Kensington and pictures of our flat!  

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