Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I Wanted My Mummy!!!

  Well, I got a bit behind on blogging, so sorry!

  On Wednesday, July 1, we had kind of a low key day. We went to the British Museum, had some ice cream and ate at Strada on  Kensingtion High Street. The British Museum is huge, with lots to see, and we recommend it. Again, skip the Science Museum in favor of the Natural History Museum or the British Museum. (We did not do the Albert and Victoria Museum).

  We also learned today that in London, ice cream cones come with or without "flake". That would be a skinny stick of chocolate stuck into the side of your ice cream!  

    Enjoy the pictures! (Next blog: We go to Herrods!)

The British Museum

Inside the British Museum

Rosetta Stone

The Rosetta Stone, up close and personal

Matthew and The Stone
Tourists in the way of seeing the Rosetta Stone

Dan and Matt at the walls of an old temple.

Another temple wall

Some pottery

The mummy exhibits were very cool!

This guy died due to a stab wound to the shoulder.

More mummies!
Ancient statue found on Easter Island

Ice cream WITHOUT flake!

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