Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Kensington Area, Continued...

Tuesday, June 30, 2015 continued...

     After touring Kensington Palace, we walked to Hyde Park and followed the signs to locate the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain, which is a wading pool for children and adults, surrounded by a ring of beautiful flowers and sits across from a quiet pond with ducks and swans. A very pretty area indeed. Dan and Matt had fun cooling off their tired feet in the pool, while I snapped pictures, and after, we sat under a nearby tree and took a rest. Then it was on to the Science Museum, which, sadly, didn't impress us much (I would advise tourists to skip it in favor of the Natural History Museum). Later that evening, we walked to a local pub on Earls Court Road, enjoyed fish and chips, beef and onion meat pies, mini-burgers, ale, wine and water. Yes, this is the pub where I mortified the young waiter by asking him for more "napkins". The proper British term would be "serviettes"..never mind what I actually asked him for. Enjoy the pictures!

Statue of Queen Victoria as we left the grounds.

Statue Victoria had built to honor Albert. I think this was in Hyde Park.

The famous Royal Albert Hall
Pond across from the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain


One more shot. Lots of swans!

After much walking, we found it!

View of the fountain (pool) from the gate.
These beautiful flowers surround the memorial outside the gate.
Matt enjoys the wading pool.

As does Dan!
Father/son bonding moment. LOL!
Resting near the wading pool!
Princess Diana Memorial Wildlife

Old tractor at the Science Museum

The Earl's Court Tavern where we had dinner.

Yours truly in the Earl's Court Tavern
Matt and I

Another view of the tavern.
 Next Blog:  British Museum and dinner at Strada (We're winding down, folks!)

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