Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Look Me in the Eye!

Thursday, July 2nd, Part I..The London Eye and Lunch

Today we went back to central London and rode The Eye. It was raining a bit while getting there and while we rode it, but it cleared in time for us to take a nice walk to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch.

For those of you who know me, you know I am afraid of heights. I never go on Ferris wheels or roller coasters, so it was with great trepidation that I approached "The Eye". Seeing that it seemed to rotate very slowly however, and that I'd be in an enclosed module, and trying to live up to the theme "do what scares you", I ventured onto it!

It was a lovely ride. The Eye moves very slowly, taking about a half hour to complete one turn, and one turn is all you get. The views are lovely (see the pics below) and there's ample room in each module for many people to sit or stand and still get a great view. So don't fear this attraction, although the price might scare you away. LOL.  

View of The Eye from London Bridge

Walking across London Bridge. It was about to start raining.

Bagpiper entertaining the crowds on  London Bridge.

London Bridge view of Big Ben and the House of Parliament
Approaching The Eye

Starting our ascent in The Eye
Big Ben and Westminster Abbey from atop The Eye (I love this shot!)

Can't recall what building that is in the background, sorry.

Another shot of London from The Eve view!

That's Buckingham Palace in the center of the picture.

View of the Thames looking eastward.
That's St. Paul's Cathedral in the center (the domed building.)

Our lunch venue. Tasty yet pricey!

Silly tourist having lunch at American themed eatery.
Stay tuned for Part II of this day when Dan and I went to Harrod's! Yes, Harrods, not Jared's.

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